About us

During a time of uncertainty brought on by coronavirus, our focus is to deliver company liquidation support that reduces stress and takes you on the shortest route to solutions.

We can do this like no other thanks to our team’s unparalleled level of experience. Our team leverages more than 40 years of collective knowledge and consists of Chartered Accountants, Certified Practicing Accountants and members of the Institute of Public Accountants.

Our team combines this experience with a sense of empathy for people. We may pay close attention to the figures and the results, but we also know that it is vital to consider what you might be feeling during a stressful time. That is why our practice is centred around honesty, openness and transparency – we don’t operate in a way that makes you feel like you have lost control of the situation.

Our overall mission is to provide helpful and expert support and solutions for those who face coronavirus company liquidation. We aim to provide a source of helpful and insightful insolvency information and can provide the knowledge you need to navigate through uncertain financial times to find a more optimistic future.